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  If you’re here because you’ve found yourself in need of a lawyer, please call us to set up an initial consultation so that  we can discuss your matter and the decisions you are facing. Of course, choosing a lawyer to assist you with your legal problems and challenges can be difficult, especially if you’re already stressed and overwhelmed. That’s why our initial consultation is always FREE and we are happy to help you understand your legal options, so that you can make the best choices – including the choice to hire another attorney if that’s best. 

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About Attorney Rebekah Ryan Main

Ms. Main has years of civil litigation experience including complex litigation, discovery, depositions, use of expert witnesses and trial, having practiced almost exclusively as a medical malpractice defense attorney right out of law school.  This experience has afforded her a general civil litigation skill-set and foundational understanding of the law that is invaluable with respect to other practice areas such as family law.  She brings these problem solving skills to every case, whether 


Firm Philosophy

At Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main we believe that “Knowledge is Power.” With this in mind, we have developed a client-centered practice that strives to ensure that our clients are well-informed and comfortable every step of the way. We will never forget that you had your choice of attorneys when you chose us.    

As a client of this firm, you will be kept well informed, you will be treated like the important client that you are and you will be billed fairly and only for work necessary to protect your interests or represent your claims. In other words, we’re not like other law firms and we like it that way. 

We’re pretty sure that you’ll like it that way, too.


I've been Served!

Being served with legal papers can be stressful and frightening. Whether you’ve been served with divorce papers, custody or support papers or a lawsuit, the clock starts to run from the moment you are served.

Remember - Knowledge is power.

In most cases, you have only a limited time in which to respond (usually 30 days) and if you don’t respond, your legal rights may be affected. An early consult with a knowledgeable attorney will help you to understand your rights and your options after you’ve received legal papers. 

While all legal papers can have far reaching consequences, you should be particularly careful with Restraining Orders, Contempt, Support Requests, and any Civil Complaint demanding more money than you can comfortably afford to pay. In all of these situations, a properly prepared response or answer is absolutely necessary to protect you from the consequences of default.

Even if you think that the papers were improperly served, do not simply ignore it. Seek legal advice immediately to avoid losing important legal rights.  

Practice areas

Child Custody & Parenting Plans


Possibly the most important thing we do is work for the best interest of your kids.   

Family Law


 From divorce and separation to establishing a parenting plan, custody and visitation - Family law matters can be stressful, confusing and down-right scary.  If you don’t know your rights (or understand your obligations) the road ahead in a family law matter will seem treacherous.  An early consultation with a knowledgeable attorney will help to put your mind at ease.  Call today.   

Civil Law & Litigation


At Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main we handle all kinds of lawsuits and disputes.

Medical Malpractice


 Malpractice occurs when a medical professional (doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider) fails to comply with the standard of care and causes the patient to suffer legal damages.  

These claims have some specific deadlines, so if you think you might have a claim for medical malpractice, wrongful death or elder abuse act quickly and call today.  

Affordable Solutions


 Not all legal matters require hiring a lawyer. “Unbundled” services and limited scope representation allow you to hire a lawyer for limited purposes - such as to review a settlement agreement or to help you work out a custody and visitation schedule - without the expense of retaining an attorney to represent you for all purposes. 

Give us a call today to discuss whether limited scope or “unbundled” services are appropriate for your matter.  

People are saying...


 Judge Elwood M. Rich (Ret.) | Dean of California Southern Law School

Ms. Main “has a keen, analytical mind and a tenacious personality... There can be no doubt as to the degree of dedication she brings to her profession.  Were I in a position in which I needed to hire someone upon whom I could not only depend on for high quality work but also to provide me with the unvarnished truth, I could not do better than” Rebekah Ryan Main.

A good way to learn about your attorney is to check out their reviews.

Child Custody and Parenting Plans

You may not always be together, but you'll always be their family.

Choosing an attorney who cares as much about your kids as you do is the first step toward making good choices in your family law matter.  There are so many resources and so many tools to help you help your kids survive (and thrive) your divorce / separation. At Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main your kids are our priority.

Not everything has to be a fight.

But if you have to fight, fight smart.

Every single person at Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main  will fight for the best interest of your kids.  We'll also get really excited when they graduate from high school, get accepted to college, win some awesome award, or just bring us a picture they drew.  We truly care about your kids.

Attorney Rebekah Ryan Main

On a personal note...

 "In addition to being an attorney, I am a mom, a grandmother, and was a professor of law.  While I consider my three daughters to be my greatest accomplishments,  I am very proud of my students, and I also now have grand children!  Teaching law, and raising children, means that I am always learning and able to approach family law matters involving children with a special sensitivity.  I came to the practice of law a little bit later in life, after having other jobs (including being a medic for 10 years) which is how I know that law is absolutely the right occupation for me.  I have met many burned-out attorneys who hate what they do.  I love my work.  I feel passionate about the practice of law and I take my responsibility to my clients personally. 

In my career, I have had the unique opportunity to practice in many areas of law, as well as exposure to interesting legal problems and the privilege of solving them for clients from all walks of life. I hope that you never need a lawyer, but if the time comes when you do please give me a call." 


Medical Malpractice


Is it Malpractice?

Malpractice occurs when a medical professional (doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider) fails to comply with the standard of care and causes the patient to suffer legal damages.  If you think that you may have experienced malpractice, an early consultation with an experienced attorney is absolutely necessary to ensure that your rights are protected.  The statute of limitations (“deadline”) for filing of a medical malpractice complaint in most cases is only one year from the time the injury occurred.  

Why Rebekah Ryan Main?

 Not every bad outcome or unsatisfactory experience is malpractice.  It takes experience with both medicine and the law to sort out which criticisms are actionable and which are not.  That’s why choosing an attorney with both medical and legal experience is a very good idea.

The practice of law is not Rebekah Ryan Main’s first profession. She began her professional life in 1987 as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – D, gaining both medical knowledge and patient care experience in diverse and interesting settings.

Her passion for medicine, and the “art” of emergency patient care, led her to a teaching position as an EMT skills instructor at a private college in 1995. This position afforded Rebekah the opportunity to continue learning, as well as to teach. Her desire to increase both her skills and her education resulted in additional training in defibrillation and, ultimately, a phlebotomy certification. Ten years of patient care, medical training and experience made a legal focus on medical malpractice a natural choice.  Years of medical malpractice litigation experience makes Rebekah Ryan Main an excellent choice for your malpractice claim.  

What to do if you think you have a claim

  1.  Make sure that your medical needs are taken care of, seek a second opinion and get the immediate care you need.   
  2. Gather your medical records from all providers, including doctors, hospitals, radiology and laboratory records, ambulance and physical therapy providers, etc.  
  3.  Make an appointment with an experienced attorney to discuss your case as soon as possible.  

Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main "Client Care Philosophy"

Client Focused


No matter how many cases your attorney handles, you only care about one - Yours.  That’s why at Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main, you’re more than just another client - You’re a valued customer.  Please call to set up your initial consultation today and start planning for what comes next. 

Cost Effective


 Let’s face it, hiring a lawyer can be expensive.  But there are some cost effective options available - such as limited scope representation, unbundled services, and as-you-need-it paid consultations - that can reduce the expense.  Please call to discuss your cost-conscious options for hiring an attorney before turning to a paralegal or document preparation service.



 Not every case is the same.  Your case, like your life, is unique.  That’s why at Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main, we work with you to develop a plan based on your unique situation and not just another “cookie-cutter” strategy. And because we think outside the box, we’ve had great success in solving problems that other attorneys gave up on.

About our Civil / Litigation Practice



 Rebekah Ryan Main has years of civil litigation experience including complex litigation, discovery, depositions, use of expert witnesses and trial, having practiced almost exclusively as a  malpractice defense attorney right out of law school.  This experience has afforded her a general civil litigation skill-set and foundational understanding of the law that is invaluable for civil litigation and defense. 

We handle all aspects of litigation including lawsuits and disputes, civil defense, arbitration, mediation and post-judgment matters. 



Rebekah Ryan Main brings a "problem solving" attitude to each new case and has helped many fine people settle matters rather than litigate.    

If you and the other party are able to reach agreements and resolve differences without resort to court battles and contested hearings, it is imperative that you choose an attorney who will help you cooperate - Not make things more difficult.  

Call to discuss your cooperative options today. 

Plan Ahead


 Not all legal matters, or even most, end up in trial.  But it’s always best to begin the process with an eye toward trial.  It helps you to prepare your case for the absolute best settlement posture, which is in everyone’s best interest.  And if you do end up at trial, you’re ready for that as well. Rebekah Ryan Main tends to look deeply into an issue and has experienced much success with legal problem solving.  She looks forward to each new legal challenge and to helping each new client.  Whether you’ve been sued or think you may need to sue someone, call to schedule your initial consultation so that we can discuss your options.     

Initial Consultation is always FREE - Call or contact us today to set up your initial consultation and to discuss your matter. 909-891-0906

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