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we can discuss your matter and the decisions you are facing.  Of course, choosing a lawyer to assist you with your legal problems and challenges can be difficult, especially if you’re already stressed and overwhelmed.


That’s why our initial consultation is always FREE and we are happy to help you understand your legal options, so that you can make the best choices – including the choice to hire another attorney if that’s best.


Rebekah Ryan Main’s client philosophy is “Knowledge is Power.”  As a client of this firm, you will be kept well informed, you will be treated like the important client that you are and you will be billed fairly and only for work necessary to protect your interests or represent your claims.  In other words, we’re not like other law firms and we like it that way.  We’re pretty sure that you’ll like it that way, too.


 We look forward to hearing from you.


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Knowledge is Power.  Not every problem needs an attorney.  Sometimes all you need is sound legal advice...

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