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Testimonials & Recommendations


Judge Elwood M. Rich (Ret.) | Dean of California Southern Law School

Ms. Main “has a keen, analytical mind and a tenacious personality... There can be no doubt as to the degree of dedication she brings to her profession.  Were I in a position in which I needed to hire someone upon whom I could not only depend on for high quality work but also to provide me with the unvarnished truth, I could not do better than” Rebekah Ryan Main.

Mark M. | Family Law Client (Support)

“Rebekah amazed me with her knowledge and also the amount of confidence in her voice as we spoke about the case.  Throughout the entire process she kept me very well informed and prepared to go to court. Her confidence and command presence in the courtroom proved everything I assumed about her was right. After all was said and done she secured a verdict in my favor. But just because the case was over didn't mean our relationship was, she continued to assist me with sound advice and a genuine interest in mine and my family’s well-being after the case was complete. Rebekah is the only attorney I will use and recommend.”


Christie D. | Civil Litigation Defense Client

“Rebekah was awesome! She was there for me 100%. She always had time to talk, kept me informed and gave me the confidence to see the case thru!! Rebekah knows what she's doing!!! I was so unsure of the outcome of my case, I didnt think it was going to go well, but thanks to Rebekah the outcome was exactly what I wanted!! I couldn’t have done it without her!! I hope that I will never find myself in another legal situation but if I do, please believe I will be running to Rebekah!!”


Michael | Family Law Client (Custody)

“Rebekah was very responsive and there for me every step of the way. She made me feel as if I were her only client. The outcome to my case was better than I had hoped for. I would recommend Rebekah to anyone who wants a good, knowledgeable lawyer who pays attention to details and to her clients.”


Janet | General Civil Litigation Client

“I was in a tenant/landlord dispute and needed clear direction on dealing with an unscrupulous landlord. Since, I was so passionate about the issue it was easy to get tunnel-vision; only seeing the situation from my perspective. Rebekah gave me candid advice; providing insight into the law and how it can be interpreted. Rebekah’s advice helped me to understand both sides so that I was better able to support my case and be successful. From my experience, Rebekah is an attorney who knows the law and is sincerely concerned about her client’s success. I recommend her without hesitation.”


Shirley | Family Law Client (Pre-Nup)

“Working with Rebekah was a smooth experience. She was very knowledgable and was able to explain legal matters in terms that a regular person would understand. She was very supportive and diligent in making sure that my rights were protected while at the same time working with what I wanted. She was never pushy or intimidating- working with her felt like I was working with a real person and not with "just an attorney." She was also available when I needed to talk to her and she always made time to explain matters until I understood. This was my first experience working with an attorney and it was a great experience. I would highly recommend, Rebekah. She is easy to work with and get along with. Rebekah's secretaries as well are very nice and helpful. If I ever need an attorney in the future I would ask Rebekah to represent me again.”


Daniel C. | Business Client

“Rebekah is one of the most meticulous individuals I have ever met. In my opinion she is well worth any amount you pay, in this case you truly get your moneys worth. I would recommend her services to anyone.”


Gloria G.| General Civil Litigation Client

“Attorney Main represented us in litigation against our Homebuilder. The previous law firm charged us for initiating the case, then shifted us from one partner to another partner, failed to adequately represent our best interest and then recommended us to another firm because he was retiring. We received a favorable settlement when Attorney Main took on the case. We retained Attorney Main for another case. The firm was padding the fees, and basically justifying their unethical charges as, "that's business". When she made the decision to start her own firm, we retained her services. We were not over billed and reached a good settlement.  


Attorney Main developed her ethics prior to becoming an attorney. She bills for work she actually does. She researches anything she needs to know in order to present the best possible case for her clients. When she appears for trial, she has tied up every loose end and is prepared to win. She has worked for Judges and knows what they expect from attorneys. That gives her an added advantage. The opposing attorney, more experienced, remarked at the end of our case how smart he thought Attorney Main is and that he wanted her on his side. Attorney Main has represented us in two separate civil suits and I would not hesitate to recommend her services.”


John M. | Divorce Client

“Rebekah's effort was exemplary. I had to deal with a divorce that was unpleasant and new to me. Rebekah led the way and kept me informed at all times. I really appreciated her aggressiveness in getting things done in a timely manner and not allowing others to slow us down. Although this was an unfortunate event, Rebekah made this as comforting as possible. If I were to ever need legal assistance again or know a friend that would, I would not hesitate to recommend her.”


Peter | Divorce Client

“Rebekah and staff are very Helpful. Rebekah is a pit bull in a skirt when it come to fighting for her clients. She shows great compassion and a willingness to go the extra mile for her clients. I cry when I think of how much she has impacted my life through showing me she cares about me as a person not just a client. Also, financially she worked with me. I will recommend Rebekah to represent the president of the United States. She is very knowledgeable and a book rat, so nothing get's by her. Thanks Rebekah for everything”

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