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Our Firm Philosophy  - The Four “C’s” of Client Care

At the Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main we believe that “Knowledge is Power.” With this in mind, we have developed a client-centered practice that strives to ensure that our clients are well-informed and comfortable every step of the way. We will never forget that you had  your choice of  attorneys when you chose us.

Client Focus

No matter how many cases your attorney handles, you only care about one - Yours.  That’s why at the Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main, you’re more than just another client - You’re a valued customer.  Please call to set up your initial consultation today and start planning for what comes next.  

Cost Effective

Let’s face it, hiring a lawyer can be expensive.  But there are some cost effective options available - such as limited scope representation, unbundled services and as-you-need-it consultations - that can reduce the expenses.  Please call to discuss your cost-conscious options for hiring an attorney before turning to a paralegal or document preparation service.


Not every case is the same.  Your case, like your life, is unique.  That’s why at the Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main, we work with you to develop a plan based on your unique situation and not just another “cookie-cutter” strategy. And because we think outside the box, we’ve had great success in solving problems that other attorneys gave up on.

Communication & Cooperation

We believe that it is absolutely imperative that you know what is going on with your matter, understand the procedure and the process every step of the way and participate in planning your unique strategy.  Communication is key.  At the Law Offices of Rebekah Ryan Main, from start to finish, we invite your questions and always take the time to address your concerns.







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