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I’ve been served!  Now what?

Being served with legal papers can be stressful and frightening.  Whether you’ve been served with divorce papers, custody or support papers or a lawsuit, the clock starts to run from the moment you are served.


Remember - Knowledge is power.

In most cases, you have only a limited time in which to respond (usually 30 days) and if you don’t respond, your legal rights may be affected.  An early consult with a knowledgeable attorney will help you to understand your rights and your options after you’ve received legal papers.  


While all legal papers can have far reaching consequences, you should be particularly careful with Restraining Orders, Contempt, Support Requests, and any Civil Complaint demanding more money than you can comfortably afford to pay.  In all of these situations, a properly prepared response or answer is absolutely necessary to protect you from the consequences of default.


Even if you think that the papers were improperly served, do not simply ignore it. Seek legal advice immediately to avoid losing important legal rights.  


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