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Not every bad outcome or unsatisfactory experience is malpractice.  It takes experience with both medicine and the law to sort out which criticisms are actionable and which are not.  That’s why choosing an attorney with both medical and legal experience is a very good idea.


The practice of law is not Rebekah Ryan Main’s first profession. She began her professional life in 1987 as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – D, gaining both medical knowledge and patient care experience in diverse and interesting settings.


Her passion for medicine, and the “art” of emergency patient care, led her to a teaching position as an EMT skills instructor at a private college in 1995. This position afforded Rebekah the opportunity to continue learning, as well as to teach. Her desire to increase both her skills and her education resulted in additional training in defibrillation and, ultimately, a phlebotomy certification. Ten years of patient care, medical training and experience made a legal focus on medical malpractice a natural choice.  Years of medical malpractice litigation experience makes Rebekah Ryan Main an excellent choice for your malpractice claim.  



Medical Malpractice

Why Rebekah Ryan Main?

Malpractice occurs when a medical professional (doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider) fails to comply with the standard of care and causes the patient to suffer legal damages.  If you think that you may have experienced malpractice, an early consultation with an experienced attorney is absolutely necessary to ensure that your rights are protected.  The statute of limitations (“deadline”) for filing of a medical malpractice complaint in most cases is only one year from the time the injury occurred.  





What to do if you think you have a claim.

1.  Make sure that your medical needs are taken care of, seek a second opinion and get the immediate care you need.  


2.  Gather your medical records from all providers, including doctors, hospitals, radiology and laboratory records, ambulance and physical therapy providers, etc.  


3.  Make an appointment with an experienced attorney to discuss your case as soon as possible.  




If you think you may have a claim for medical malpractice, wrongful death or elder abuse act quickly and call today.