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About Attorney Rebekah Ryan Main

I have years of civil litigation experience including complex litigation, discovery, depositions, use of expert witnesses and trial, having practiced almost exclusively as a medical malpractice defense attorney right out of law school.  This experience has afforded me a general civil litigation skill-set and foundational understanding of the law that is invaluable with respect to my other practice areas such as divorce and family law.   

Personal Approach

In addition to being an attorney, I am a mom and was a professor of law.  While I consider my three daughters to be my greatest accomplishments, I am also very proud of my students.  Teaching law, and raising children, means that I am always learning and able to approach family law matters involving children with a special sensitivity.  I came to the practice of law a little bit later in life, after having other jobs (including being a medic for 10 years) which is how I know that law is absolutely the right occupation for me.  I have met many burned-out attorneys who hate what they do.  I love my work.  I feel passionate about the practice of law and I take my responsibility to my clients personally. 

In my career, I have had the unique opportunity to practice in many areas of law, as well as exposure to interesting legal problems and the privilege of solving them for clients from all walks of life. I hope that you never need a lawyer, but if the time comes when you do please give me a call.  

I look forward to meeting  you. 



Attorney Rebekah Ryan Main