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Rebekah Ryan Main has years of civil litigation experience including complex litigation, discovery, depositions, use of expert witnesses and trial, having practiced almost exclusively as a  malpractice defense attorney right out of law school.  This experience has afforded her a general civil litigation skill-set and foundational understanding of the law that is invaluable for civil litigation and defense. She brings a "problem solving" attitude to each new case and has helped many fine people settle matters rather than litigate.  

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Not all legal matters, or even most, end up in trial.  But it’s always best to begin the process with an eye toward trial.  It helps you to prepare your case for the absolute best settlement posture, which is in everyone’s best interest.  And if you do end up at trial, you’re ready for that as well. Rebekah Ryan Main tends to look deeply into an issue and has experienced much success with legal problem solving.  She looks forward to each new legal challenge and to helping each new client.  Whether you’ve been sued or think you may need to sue someone, call to schedule your initial consultation so that we can discuss your options.    

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